Limited Hardware Warranty Terms


Limited hardware warranty page terms request only to transactions that particularly reference this page as a URL, such on an invoice, payment request, or any other relevant documentation or information which leads to a sale.

Virginia Tech USA makes the availability possible of a Limited Hardware Warranty on several types of equipment we sell unless the equipment was shown as being strong as it is, in the absence of warranty. We do not pose that any manufacturers’ warranty will be given on the products we sell. Without the provision that a product carries the manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranty time span begins from the time the equipment is dispatched to your designated shipping address (The address identified on any sales order account documentation and such warranty is reasonable only for the period of time set down. If a warranty time span (or shortage of warranty) was not highlighted in the schedule of sale, the warranty deadline will be one month.

We are giving the guarantee that the product we sell/hand over to you will not have any defects in stuff and workmanship in the course of the warranty time span.

The warranty is associated only with the customers who authentically buy the products from us through our company’s buying policy.

Here is the list of the points/reasons our warranty does not cover:

  • Physical or electrical burden
  • Any kind of destruction or loss gives rise to any means which are above the control of Virginia Tech USA.
  • Issues occur in the products through the lack of care and mishandling or irrelevant usage.
  • Any type of electrical damage happens with the product, which is not occurred by the manufacturing fault of the product we deliver to the customer.
  • Issues that are a reason for inappropriate configuration, poor software installation that contains a virus, or any sort of physical modification to the product or its software and licensing.
  • Issues that are raised due to a failure of a completely maintained product.

For a warranty claim to be verified, it must necessary to get a defect in the product’s body, structure, and workmanship, you buy from our company and we sell to you, and any such claim must be acknowledged to Virginia Tech USA in the form of a written letter in the length of the warranty period.

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